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Cycling with SEAN KELLY in Mallorca

20th Dec     Merry Xmas
29th Sept    The Top 20 Rules for Faster Triathlon Swimming
 26th Sept    Fast For Less: Three Affordable Tri Bikes     
                               Whitehead Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon Sat 22nd Sept 3pm.
23rd Sept  Whitehead Triathlon & Duathlon Sat 22nd  
Some very close racing in all categories with the first three men all race winners this year coming together during the coastal run. Former Junior International Rhodri Jones Triangle managed to hold of Dessie Duffy Muckno Tri by 1 second with Wayne Morrow only a few seconds back.
Another top Triangle triathlete Alison Rankin passed regular podium girl Clare Scott, Peninsula tri around halfway on the run with Julie Stewart, Real Triathlon 3rd.
Stuart Bennet Phoenix Cycle Club won the duathlon option which started at the same time with a 3.2km run
from Bert Shaw and Paul hutchinson both Larne AC
1st Rhodri Jones,  Triangle,  2nd Dessie Duffy Muckno tri,     3rd Wayne Morrow, Glenarm
1st Alison Rankin, Triangle   2nd Claire Scott, Peninsula tri,   3rd Julie Stewart, Real Triathlon
1st Stuart Bennet, Phoenix Cycling Club, 2nd Bert Shaw,Larne AC, 3rd Paul Hutchinson, Larne AC

1 whitehead

Female Under 35
1st   Genevieve McCallum Peninsula tri
2nd  Carrie Cummins Wheelworx Tri Dublin
3rd   Paula McCaughan Larne
Female 35-45
1st   Helen Kerr Peninsula
2nd  Katie O'Neill
3rd   Roisin McGivern Newry Tri
Male Under under 35
1st   Richard McCullough North Down Cycle Club
2nd  Greg Foster
3rd  Dan Spencer Larne AC
Male 35-45                                               
1st  Mark Diamond Hi Elbow
2nd Bryce Irvine Hi Elbow
3rd  Malcolm Robinson Glenarm
Male 45-55
1st    Ian Steele
2nd   Ian Crowe Team 1
3rd   Gerard McGuckin QUB Tri
1st  Relay team led by Ken Tweddie Coleraine Team Slow
     Whitehead  Bay             
Whitehead Run
 Whitehead Run
13th Sept  Fueling During Endurance Sports
10th Sept  Sebastian Kienle takes the win at 70.3 Vegas Ironman World Championship
5th Sept    Racing Weight: The 8% Rule
27th Aug   Long Run Training
                                     The ITU - Olympic disruption
24th Aug      "Cycling holidays with Sean Kelly in Mallorca and Europe"
23rd Aug     Timo Bracht training
                             A Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil may protect your bones

16th Aug     Conquer Your Swim Weaknesses

12th Aug    Alistair Duffield wins the Portaferry Triathlon for the 3rd time in a row from Neil Kelly Drogheda Triathlon & Wayne Morrow, Glenarm.
Trudy Brown also won the female event from Adele Neill, Larne AC and Claire Scott, Peninsula
Peninsula also won the relay prize with Julie Anne Lewis & Chris Spears.

portaferry results

Age group results
1st       Lynda Gawley              Peninsula Triathlon
2nd      Genevive McCallum    Peninsula Triathlon
3rd       Natalie Davidson       

1st       Orla McElroy
2nd      Teresa Fearon
Male under 30
 1st        Eion Lennon              Olympian Triathlon
2nd       Mike Miillar                McConvey Cycles
3rd        Carl Wright                Hi Elbow
Male 30-45
1st        Peter Morrison         
2nd       Philip Castles            Tuna Triathlon
3rd        Stephen Guy             Tuna Triathlon
 Male      Over 45
1st       Ian Steele                 
2nd     Keiran Trainor
3rd      Roger Boyd
4th      Ian Crowe
1st Duathlon  Tony Boylan Slane Cycles
                                     Portaferry Triathlon Sponsor   Food, Drink and Accomodation   
                                                  Portaferry 2012 by Peter Murhly
1st Aug       Where is the value in Carbon wheels.
30th July     Olympic venue updates
29th July     How To Ride In The Wind
27th July     Mid-Season Fixes For Common Triathlon Problems
23rd July     Halksworth and Mullan, Ireland win Ironman UK
20th July     10 Ironman Triathlons in 10days
19th July     The Three Golden Rules of Recovery
18th July     Achieving Optimal Power Through Your Bike Fit Part 2: Cleat Position              
17th July     Lance Armstrong - please return your seats to their upright position..
15th July     Swim Focus: A Better Way To Breathe
14th July     Strangford Triathlon, Duathlon £25 , Aquathon & Swim only £15 Entry via home page.
11th July    Your Bike Race-Ready Checklist


9th July     Tour de France stage video insight with Chris Horner.
8th July     Running Cadence
7th July     Is Your Running Plan Appropriate for You?
4th July     Should You Be Doing Hard Run Strength Training?
2nd July    Faris Al Sultan wins Ironman Austria
30th June  Bike hydration
25th June  Ironman Austria preview
22nd June The Nike Turbospeed Track Suit: Technological doping or marketing games?
13th June   The art of peaking
12th June   Escape from Alcatraz photos

10th June  Potts, Cave Take Top Spots At Escape From Alcatraz. Swim similar to Portaferry but easier though colder

9th June    Camlough Crooked Lake Sprint Triathlon 

7th June    How To Tap Into Fat For Your Fuel
5th June    Where Does Passion Come From?

4th June    Cycling Nutrition ? Coca Cola
3rd June      Armstrong backs up at 70.3 Honu, Hawaii
2nd June     trilimits  results

30th May     How To Improve Your Lactate Clearance Rate
29th May     3D Calf and Soleus Stretches
28th May     The Science Behind Lactate Threshold Testing
27th May     Galway Triathlon results   
26th May     Insights into Great Running Posture
25th May     Fast on a budget
24th May     Usain Bolt Running Form: Sprinting & Easy Running
23rd May     Running injuries avoid them
22nd May     Powertap wheel test
21st May      70.3 Austria Emiear Mullan 9th
                     Mr Armstrong wins his first 70.3 half ironman
19th May     Bryan McCrystal 9th at Europes hardest Ironman ?
16th May     Specialized trivent shoes update
12th May     Ironman Mallorca 70.3 Donal Mahon and Trudy Brown both qualify for world Championships in Las Vegas Sept 2012
8th May       Ironman Mallorca 70.3 12th May 2012
7th May       Tough, Tough Day in St. Croix
4th May       The 2012 Cycling Tour Of The Glens Sunday 6th May 100 or 200km
3rd May       11 Ways to Achieve a Healthier Life
2nd May      70.3 Ironman no 3 for Lance Armstrong at St Croix
1st May        Pre ride bike check
30th Apr       ETU Duathlon Championship  results
28th Apr       Beware The Weekend Binge
25th Apr       Portaferry Triathlon 10am 12th August 50 early entries@ £30 normal price £40 link on home page
                     Ulster Cancer Foundation charity entry for fundraisers who raise £100 is  £15.

20th Apr      
Running faster secrets

18th Apr       Lance to Race St. Croix 70.3

15th Apr       Tristar Mallorca 111 results Mullan wins again Trudy Brown 6th Bryan McCrystal 9th
                     Kerry Spears Peninsula 2nd overall in 555 event.

12th Apr       Ironman marathon analysis

9th Apr.        
Tyre choices 

8th Apr.        building strength and stability

30th Mar      Running myths ?
29th Mar      How To Avoid A Spring Injury
28th Mar      Carbohydrates
27th Mar      Open Water swimming
26th Mar      Alexander and Steffen take inaugural Ironman Melbourne
                    Real Triathlon members Aekin and Bell win off road Duathlon
25th Mar      Fatty Diet May Cause Ncells-growth.html ew Brain Cells to Sprout 
23rd Mar      Interview: Rachel Joyce To Ride Cervelo P5
21st Mar       Which Grain is the Best Source for Protein, Essential Amino Acids, BCAA and Arginine?
20th Mar       Optimizing all Road Riding Positions
19th Mar       11 Keys for a Successful Marathon
17th Mar       Happy St Patricks day !
16th Mar       The Five Most Common Run Form Mistakes
14th Mar       Tri 247 Newsletter
13th Mar       How To Clear Your Life Of Non-Essential Tasks
12th Mar       Setting Up A Road Bike For Triathlon
10th Mar       Why fast pedaling makes cyclists more efficient
8th Mar         Get the right bike set up
7th Mar         Triathlon taper tactics
6th Mar          Perfect pedal stroke ?
5th Mar          Henning and Australia's Butterfield win Abu Dhabi Triathlon 3k, 200k & 20k
2nd Mar          Can running make you smarter?
25th Feb         Duathlon wins for Anne Paul & Adam Spears at Cookstown (results page)
24th Feb         Trail running
22nd Feb        Central Governor confidence
21st Feb         Ironman champ: Train your brain, then your body
20th Feb         How to Optimize Your Economy
                        New studys find what most triathletes already know: Triathlons are addictive
17th Feb          Bevan Docherty profile
16th Feb          Strength Training: Benefits for Endurance Athletes
15th Feb          The Truth About Treadmills
14th Feb           Magnesium This essential mineral does more for you than you might think

13th Feb          Lava Magazine
12th Feb           Q&A: Measuring Aerobic Endurance Progress
7th Feb             10 mins of core strenght per day
6th Feb             Run Workouts for Triathletes: Breaking Down Long Runs
5th Feb             Inside Triathlon Archives: No Fear Mark Allen.
3rd Feb              Return on Investment Series, Part II: The Swim
2nd Feb             Return on Investment Applied to Triathlon Training, Part I - Introduction
1st Feb               Swimming: The Axis
31st Jan              How Will The Final U.S. Olympic Triathlon Spots Be Decided? 
30th Jan              Factors Affecting Bicycle Transmission Efficiency
29thJan               Tri bike choice & fitting guide Long and low, short and narrow from 08
27th Jan              Helen Jenkins Blogs About The Olympic Lead-up
26th Jan              Running Lessons
25th Jan              Training Tip: Hill Repeats on the Bike
24th Jan              Chrissie Wellington's  Motivation tips

23rd Jan             
Vanhoenacker and Swallow reign in South Africa

22nd Jan            Trilimits Duathlon

21st Jan              Chrissie Wellington takes a break. The interview
17th Jan              No Ironman for Chrissie in 2012
16th Jan              Dirk Bockel joins new Leopard Trek Triathlon section
8th Jan               Testing tips
7th Jan               1st of the bike swim tips.
6th Jan               Cyclist's Guide to Climbing Hills
5th Jan               World’s First Intelligent Cycling Computer helps you achieve that… “Brazilian Butt?”
4th Jan               Saddle Theory: Part II
3rd Jan               Get Low  ?    
2nd Jan                   The key to speed: building an injury resistant body
1st Jan               Strangford 8.2 km trail run                            
                          1st Male Michael Hutchinson 35.38
                          1st Female Trudy Brown 37.48
                          1st Athletic Club Murlough AC
                          Strangford 4.1km trail run
                          1st Gary Stitt Ballymena & Ant
31st Dec                          Short Course Focused Repeats For Long Course Athletes: “PPTs”
29th Dec                          The Truth About Weight Loss, Hormones, Prescription Drugs, and Your Health
22nd Dec                         Racing vs Training shoes explained
21st Dec                          Triathlon training and cortisol levels
20th Dec                                     Leg strenght in the off season
19th Dec                          International male Triathlete of the Year - 2011
18th Dec                                     Quote of the day "One man with courage makes a majority"
17th Dec                          2011 Ford Ironman World Championship 
16th Dec                           Racing Weight: The Benefits Of Eating A Big Breakfast
15th   Dec                                    Why your nutrition is as individual as you are
14th Dec                          Breakthrough in Regulating Fat Metabolism
13th Dec                          Chip timing provided by
                                        What We Have Noticed: Cervelo, PocketToolX
12th Dec                          The Core Diet Challenge: Juicing Your Way Through the Holidays
11th Dec                                  Castleward Trail race results added Results page.
11th Dec          Breaking All the Rules at Runner's World
10th Dec          How Chi Running Can Improve Your Stride
9th Dec            3 Tips for Training in the Cold
8th Dec            Hardest Ironman Course? Easiest? RunTri's 25 Toughest Ironman Races
                         Bridgepoint To Take-Over Wiggle
5th Dec             Age-Old Remedies Using White Tea, Witch Hazel and Rose May Be Beneficial
4th Dec            Awesome New Commuter Bike Light System: Revolights            
3rd Dec            What Are Some Quick Swaps I Can Make To Improve My Diet?
1st Dec            Top Workouts To Improve Your Swim This Winter
30th Nov         Trail Running Tips
29th Nov         Not-so-healthy health foods
                        Omega 3 again link to lower inflamation                
28th Nov         Comparing output & input by Joe Friel for Aerobic Endurance
                        Rest versus Not Training
27th Nov            Barefoot running overview
26th Nov         2012 Cannondale slice tri bike
24th Nov         The Fix racing & fashion          
23rd Nov         Principle of Specific Training
20th Nov         ‘Monumental Reduction’ of Doping within Professional Cycling – CONI
19th Nov         Effect of Fatigue on Landing Biomechanics following ACL Reconstruction Surgery 
18th Nov          What the pro bikers drink?
                         Advanced QUB weather station
16th Nov           Your Shoe Fit Is About To Get Smarter
15th Nov           The ITU mixed relay, the beginning of the end?        
14th Nov            Energy Systems and VO2 Max
                          Finger Length Predicts Mental Toughness in Sport
12th Nov           A Triathlete’s Guide to Overcoming Genetics      
11th Nov          15 Must-Haves: Essential Beginner Tri Gear
                  Swim Vocabulary Made Simple
8th Nov      Individualization: Coaching Intensity
7th Nov    Conquering Cold Weather Riding
6th Nov    Biomechanics of running: From faulty movement patterns come injuries
4th Nov    Tips for Successful Triathlon Training and Racing
3rd Nov     Chris 'Macca' McCormack - punching hard 
The late John Mcavoy with son David, a proud father and inspiration.
Along with Ron mcKnight, Peter Jack and Derek Patterson made up the founding Directors from NI of the Irish Triathlon Association LTD presently trading as Triathlon Ireland.
22nd Oct  Chrissie Wellington's Kona race report - "Beyond my wildest dreams"
5th Oct  Sat 8th Oct NI Relay Championships Victoria Park Belfast.
4th Oct Hawaii Ironman this weekend live video at
 15th Aug Message from Bob and Keith at who just completed a triple Ironman !
A big thanks to everyone who sent messages over the 56hrs 41 min of Irelands toughest race the triple Ironman here in Cookstown and big thanks to all who came out and joint in on the very wet and windy laps.

YouTube Video

5th Aug  Top tips from world no 1 Macca
 27th July   Crawfordsburn Country Park training aqauthon  Wed 10th August 7pm
750m swim & 5km trail run  Registration from 6pm.
Crawfordsburn country park link
19th July   Real Triathlon Club Aquathon 10th August Swim 750 metres Run 5 km.
18th July   Preview of Belfast 24 hour running race Friday 22nd July :
11th July   Peninsula Triathlon next Sunday 17th July Ballywalter CoDown, their 1st for 20 years
Race details and entry.
Belfast Triathlon race information
Sunday 3rd July 12pm
Belfast Harbour Estate
Location Airport Road West
Holywood Exchange End
25th June Belfast Triathlon swim training



 13th June   Belfast Triathlon Fast flat course and great views.
Belfast hosted the 1985 European Team relay championships won by the Dutch elite team of Barel, Koenders, Hellemans and Huls now we have an open water event on closed roads. a 1 lap 375 metre swim option is also available
Individual entry £25 and relay £36.   Real Triathlon
10th June    
9th June
9th June   Real Triathlon  Series points 1st 140, 2nd 120, 3rd 110, 4th 100, 5th 90,
6th 80, 7th 70, 8th 60, 9th 55, 10th 50 and all finishers 40.
3 races to count. 1st place £250 and sponsored 2012 entry. 
8th June   Belfast Triathlon Swim 750 metres cycle 22km and run 5km
Flat closed road circut in Belfast Harbour Estate The first ever open water Triathlon in Belfast. Entries available from 8pm today
7th June   Cycling legend Graeme Obree, world hour record holder, world track champion and innovator will be awarding the prizes and starting the Triathlon 
 8th May     RIP Tom Senior & Junior, May 2007
 23rd Apr 4th June Dungannon Half Ironman
24th Mar  Strangford Triathlon & Duathlon Challenge announced. A new event, a new ratio a new adventure.
14th Mar      Ballywalter Co.Down 17th July
25th Jan    Setanta tri Dundalk Duathlon series starts Sunday 29th Jan. 3.2k 16k 3.2k
16th Jan    Glenarm Triathlon 
Saturday 18th June 2011  1pm. Swim 500 m Cycle 24km and run 5km
 Spectacular new event
 Swim in Glenarm bay, Cycle on the famous A2 Coast Rd then a gradual climb  on the A42 then descent back down to Glenarm.
Run in  Glenarm
3rd  Jan     Forthcoming Duathlon series starts 30th Jan.
25th Dec        
24th Dec        2010 Hawaii Ironman
23rd Dec       Portaferry Triathlon date 27th August 2011
                    New swim route to Marina as per orginal race to finish in
                    Town centre. Swim 1.1km cycle 30km run 8km,
21st Nov      Chrissie sets new world record 8.36 @ Ironman Arizona. Partener Tom Lowe, former bronze medalists at euro duathlon 3rd in mens 8.11 behind Timo B and Ramus H.
28th Sept     Portaferry action from our official Photographer
19th Sept   Alistair Duffield 2010 Roe Valley winner & 09 Ireman champ wins the Portaferry Triathlon 20 years after competing the 1st one as a 17 year old in 2hr 01min 40secs. Alistair former elite Irish triathlete recently completed the UK Ironman in 10.17 and finished 20th in this years Belfast marathon in 2.42
Former Strangford resident Trudy Brown the only Irish athlete ever to represent Ireland at elite short and long course Triathlon and elite cycling wins her 44th Triathlon and her 6th victory this season finishing 11th overall in 2.13.50.
19th Sept Adam Speers and Rachel Hughes win the shorter race at Portaferry with local girls team Lauren Quinn, Melissa Cleary and Louise Gilmore winning the relay. 
James Taylor and Charles Russell both Peninsula, fastest over 50's
 7th Sept    Race full, maximum total of 140 swimmers allowed reached. 

4th Sept    Some entrants times from today  1st Chris Speers 11.49, Trudy Brown 13.45, Desi McHenry 13.45, Julie Stewart 14.48,
Hollie Kirwan 15.15, Hamilton Coulter 16.15 , Paddy Heaney 16.50,
Brendan McNamara 17.20, Kathryn Bell 18.09, Andrew Hassard 18.20, David Calvert 18.20, Lauren Quinn 18.30, Ken Vance 18.45,
Mark Lennon 18.45, Neill Grainger 19.25,
Brian Kane 19.30, Jason Thompson 20.30, David MaConnell 20.30, Hugh Ross 20.30, Andy Bridge 20.35, Kevin MaGarthy 20.40,  
Bright 16c. Choppy conditions and 39 finished. View from safety boat



The original Portaferry International Triathlon was organised by Desi McHenry and Neill Granger, both should be competing this year.

It was held 4 times from 1990 and was an ITU world Cup race. The 1st year the swim was at low tide approx 1.1km.

The other years at high tide approx 1.3km. Slack water lasts around 25 mins.

Irelands Garret McGarthy and Alison Hamilton two of  Irelands greatest ever Triathletes won the first event.

ITU elite and Hawaii Ironman world pro champion Karen Smyers won in '91. World no1 Brad Bevan won the mens in 92.

Many of the worlds greatest Triathletes raced here including ITU and Ironman World Champion Greg Welch Robin Brew, Spencer Smith, Richard Hobson, Melisa Mantak and Carol Montgomery.

To promote the area, support charity and to celebrate 20 years, One of Irelands greatest races returns.  

We are indebted to the orginal organisers letting us stage this event again and for the support of both Towns.


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